your coochie snorcher only lives once

by lizlbowen

hi friends!

a couple of very exciting things are coming up soon:


BABE’s Vagina Monologues! this is a new adventure for me because i’ve never done a full-length monologue before. i encourage you to come cheer me on/watch me make a fool of myself! i’ve been working with this group of women for about a year now, starting with last year’s Bushwick Vagina Monologues, and i couldn’t be more grateful to have their talent and compassion in my life. on april 5, 6, and 8, you can all come get some of that, too. 🙂 click the image for more info and ticket sales.



The YOLO Pages! i could not possibly be more pumped about being included in this book, alongside some truly next-level writers/artists like patricia lockwood, tao lin, steve roggenbuck and andrew wk!!

from the publisher: “the yolo pages is an epic anthology of poems, tweets, image macros, and prose from over 50 people. one of the first anthologies ever to cover ‘alt lit,’ ‘weird twitter,’ and associated communities and figures, the yolo pages showcases an exciting array of possibilities for poetry in 2014. with a focus especially on politically- and spiritually-minded writers, it also affirms the integration of poetry into concrete efforts to make the world better” preorder here:

thanks for reading & i love you!