Liz Bowen has more than a decade of experience as a professional editor, from news publications to scholarly book manuscripts to critical essays and poetry. Her editorial sensibility offers not only the rigor cultivated by a PhD in literature, but also the concision of a news writer, the sharpness of a critic, and the style of a poet.

No subject matter is too niche: Liz has edited legal news for Law360, fishing and hunting books for Skyhorse Publishing, experimental poetry reviews for Public Books, and dissertations on topics ranging from autopsies in Romantic novels to midcentury Spanish architecture. She has years of experience providing both developmental and copy edits to projects of all lengths, styles, and disciplines.

In addition to editing works-in-progress, Liz offers publicity services for finished products, including social media strategy and drafting promotional materials. She has done publicity work for magazines, news outlets, and individual authors, and is experienced with all major social media platforms.

Liz is available for hire on a freelance basis, and offers competitive rates. If you have a project you would like to collaborate on, please reach out using the contact form.