Limited edition poetry chapbook
Best Buds Collective, 2020

Speech slips into hush. Did anyone tell you
the bad news? Does the crack in your door
let the plague in? It’s not a class thing, but
you are the one whose relatives hoarded
Precious Moments like managed portfolios.
You are the one dreaming of a murder
investigation after your pit bulls
chase a fur-coated poet off your roof.
You know it’s not real life because the way
the cops toss your shoes from the closet feels
like a locker-room reverie. Someday
they’d catch up to you for being a sour child.
Your mother suspects she was choked to death
in another life. You could be sisters.


Poetry chapbook
Hyacinth Girl Press, 2018

< what if i were a blood locker that held many vials
in rows in colors some even horseshoe blue
some even metal some smelling of steeltoe dirt
what if i could give them to my friends >


< / what if we were truly compensated for the lifting
at the bar in the office hours in the apartment party
what if we had more money for more blood
we can’t have money but what if we had more blood >


Poetry collection
Metatron Press, 2017

Sugarblood (Metatron 2017) is spilling over with contaminants, soft intrusions, illness, animal instinct, medicine, and vengeance. Liz Bowen asks what it means to care for one another when emotions involve labour, and how our desires are so readily surveilled, scrutinized, and gendered. The result is a thrilling challenge, a warm panic, and an opportunity for us to reconsider function, care, and intimacy. Cunning and sharp, these poems are armour against that which threatens us, and an emotionally resonant testament to all that which keeps us safe and contained in a dangerous world. In effect, Bowen gives form to the feeling of simply being too much.

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